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AverMedia DVR-AVerDiGi SEB3104H  

H.264 is the latest video compression technology and seen as the answer for efficient data transmission and high-quality video storage. While the market of H.264 will be as big as the one for MPEG4, AVerMedia INFORMATION implement this feature into the newly-developed DVR with same overall stability and compatibility.  






 AverMedia DVR-AVerDiGi SEB3104H



 AverMedia DVR-AVerDiGi SEB3104H









DVR-AVerDiGi SEB3104H 

Key Features

  • Advanced H.264 compression  
  • 4CH 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL) D1 real-time recording 
  • Intelligent GUI design for easy learning and operation  
  • Full functional control utilizing mouse  
  • Individually adjustable channel frame rate and resolution  
  • Motion detection mask (44x30/44x36 blocks)   
  • Support 4CH PTZ cameras    
  • Compatible with AVerDiGi RA4000e and AVerDiGi HDD Box via eSATA interface 
  • Remote software integration: Remote Console, WebViewer, JavaViewer, iPhoneViewer, iBlackberryViewer, CM3000/CM3000 Gold

Video Feature

  • 4 composite video inputs (BNC connector)  
  • 1 TV, 1 VGA & 1 Spot Monitor output simultaneously
  • Video compression: H.264   
  • 4 channel audio inputs/ 2 channel audio outputs for the same signal
  • Video resolution:720 x 480/720 x 576 (NTSC/PAL)
  • Display frame rate: Total 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL)  
  • Hue/Brightness/contrast/Saturation adjustable   
  • Recording resolution:
    • Full D1: 720 x 480/720 x 576 (NTSC/PAL) 
    • Half D1: 720 x 240/ 720x288   
    • CIF: 352 x 240/352 x288 (NTSC/PAL) 
  • Recording frame rate:
    • Full D1: 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL)  
    • Half D1: 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL)  
    • CIF: 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL)   

Recording mode

  • Schedule recording (set by week)   
  • Always/ Sensor /Motion / Smart recording  
  • Auto recycle recording   
  • Auto record enabling   

Remote access

  • Support CMS
  • Support Remote Console & WebViewer  

Playback Mode

  • Video search by date/time/visual/event
  • Infinite event list for easy search (limited by HDD size)
  • A-B video repeat playback   

Free Playback Application Software

  • Playback from pen drive
  • Playback and backup on any PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win 7  
  • Converting files to AVI format enabling to playback on Windows Media Player
  • Video segment selectable for repeating playback and backup


  • 4 Sensor inputs   
  • 2 Relay outputs controlling alarm, lock, light, or other devices  


  • Operating Temperature: 0~40 degree
  • Dimension: (D)160mm x (W)235mm x (H) 50mm  
  • Net Weight: 0.580Kgs     

 DVR-AVerDiGi SEB3104H


Operation System
Embedded Linux
Video Compression
Video Inputs
4 composite video inputs (BNC Connector)
Video Outputs
1 VGA and 1 TV Outputs Simultaneously
Spot Monitor Output
PTZ Support
Yes (Pelco P, Pelco D, Cannon VC-C4R...more than 20 protocols, and more will be supported)
Audio In/ Audio Out
4/2 (2 audio outputs for the same channel)
Sensor In/ Relay Out
Recording Resolution
Half D1:720x240/720x288
D1 : 720x480/720x576
Recording Rate
CIF:120/100 fps
Half D1:120/100 fps
D1 : 120/100 fps
Recording Mode
Always/ Sensor/ Motion/ Smart/Schedule recording (set by week)
Video Search
By Time/ Event / Visual Search
Video Quality Settings
Hue/ Brightness/ saturation/ Contrast
Backup Function
Pen drive, eSATA RAID (AVerDiGi RA400e) and external SATA HDD (AVerDiGi HDD Box)
Number of HDDs Support
1 (Standard 3.5” SATA HDD)
Built-in connectors
RS485x1, RS232x1, eSATAx1, USB x2 (USB1.0x1, USB2.0x1)
USB Mouse
10/100 Base-T
Remote Access
CM3000/CM3000 Gold, WebViewer, Remote Console, JavaViewer, iPhoneViewer, iBlackberryViewer
Power Input
12 V
Operating Temperature
0~40 degree
Net Weight
0.580 Kgs
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Application Diagram
AverMedia DVR-AVerDiGi SEB3104H

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