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  AverMediaDVR-AVerDiGi MOB1304NET

AVerMedia INFORMATION is proud to announce the new generation mobile DVR, AVerDiGi MOB1304 NET. Great combinations with Central Management System (CM3000) and various remote access tools, users can have the best control on the safety of passengers and vehicle. Its various applications of dual-monitor function and smart alarm mechanisms also make it have the capability to secure every trip from beginning to the end. 




 AverMediaDVR-AVerDiGi MOB1304NET



 AverMediaDVR-AVerDiGi MOB1304NET










Key Features                                                                            

  • Stable power supply for 4 cameras and able to operate under low voltage
  • GPS function – showing vehicle location and speed in both live and recorded video (GPS receiver required)
  • Dual-monitor function can be output as rear view monitor and general LCD or TV monitor simultaneously
  • Support up to 4CH PTZ control
  • Advanced Alarm Mechanisms
  • Voltage Detection – Shut down the DVR or trigger alarm when encountering low voltage
  • Pen drive for backup and UPC software supports HDD to HDD quick backup and instant events playback.
  • Image protection mechanism: Time Stamp/ Shield
  • Shockproof by rubber vibration insulator and brackets for double protection
  • Support 2.5” or 3.5” hot swappable SATA HDD
  • Power circuit protection for peak voltage 
  • Delay Power off – Keep monitor on after turning off the car, so users can continue monitoring via CM3000 and WebViewer
  • Remote control up to 4 DVRs simultaneously regardless of different locations.
  • Enabling to play own video to show information to passengers
  • Support Daylight Saving
  • Shock Detection – trigger alarm when hit by specified level of external force
  • SMS alarm – Send GPS position and alarm message via GSM(GSM module) and 3G network (3G USB Dongle required)
  • Wireless connection via WLAN environment (WiFi module)
  • Remote Software Integration: CM3000/CM3000 Gold, WebViewer, PDAViewer, iPhoneViewer, iBlackberryViewer and JavaViewer

Video Feature

  • Video compression: MPEG4
  • Video Format: NTSC and PAL
  • Audio input/output: 4/1
  • Display resolution:800x600/ 1024x768/ 1280x1024
  • Display frame rate: Real-time 
  • Hue/Brightness/contrast/Saturation adjustable

Recording Resolution

  • D1 Enhance: 704 x 480/704 x 576 (NTSC/PAL)
  • Full D1: 704 x 480/704 x 576 (NTSC/PAL)
  • CIF: 352 x 240/352 x288 (NTSC/PAL)

Recording Frame Rate

  • D1 Enhance : 30/25 fps (NTSC/PAL)
  • D1: 60/50 fps (NTSC/PAL)
  • CIF: 120/100 fps (NTSC/PAL)

Recording Mode

  • Schedule recording (00:00~24:00 set by hour)
  • Always/ Alarm/ Smart/ Manual recording
  • Auto recycle recording
  • Auto record enabling
  • Password authentication mechanism

Mechanism Protection

  • Selectable function to operate the fan and stop HDD recording automatically
  • Fan can operate automatically when degree is over 50℃
  • Stop HDD recording automatically when degree is over 65℃

Playback Mode

  • Video search by date/time/event
  • Infinite event list for easy search
  • Smart search function enables to playback from initial motion event automatically
  • A-B video repeat playback

Free Playback Application Software

  • Playback and backup on any PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/ Win 7 
  • Converting files to AVI format enabling to playback on Windows Media Player
  • iEnhance video processing software for better video quality
  • iStable(Video Stabilizer software) to avoid shaking impact on video
  • Video segment selectable for repeating payback and backup
  • Enabling quick HDD to HDD backup


  • 4 Sensor inputs
  • 1 Relay output controlling alarm, lock, light, or other devices

Bundled Accessory

  • Extended IR cable
  • Brackets
  • Battery
  • USB cable
  • Power line
  • Remote controller
AVerDiGi MOB1304 NET
Video Compression
Video In/ Video out
Video Output
VGA x 1, BNC x 1
Audio In/ Audio Out
Sensor In/ Relay Out
Display Frame Rate
Recording Frame Rate (NTSC/PAL)
CIF: 120/100 fps D1: 60/50 fps D1 Enhance: 30/25 fps
Dual Monitor Output
3 kinds of outputs: MAIN/SPOT, MAIN/MAIN, SPOT/MAIN
User Input device
Mouse, remote control, LCM
Backup Device
USB A-type x 1 (connect with USB mouse, storage), USB B-type x 1(connect with PC/NB)
Number of HDDs Supported
1 (One removable 3.5” or 2.5” SATA HDD)
RS485 connector
Built-in RS485 connector for PTZ
1, PS2 connector
10/100Mbps, RJ-45 x 1
Power Source
Power Output
12V DC, 2A, supports camera power
Operating Temperature
Remote Access
WebViewer, Remote Console, JavaViewer, iPhoneViewer, iBlackberryViewer, CM3000/CM3000Gold
Software Support
iStable(Video Stabilizer software), iEnhance(Video processing software for better video quality), USB Playback Console
Bundled Accessories
Remote control, Extended IR cable, Camera power line, Z-bracket
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Net Weight
2.2 Kgs
*The SPEC of HDD operating temperature must be above 65'C. Please consult detail with your HDD vendor
Application Diagram
AverMediaDVR-AVerDiGi MOB1304NET

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